2020 U12 List of registrations

These players have already registered for a spot on one of the U12 tournament rosters. We have 52 roster spots available. Make sure to send in your recruitment video's and baseball resume for the manager to get a good impression of your skills.

Name Club Country Positions
Luca Borgschot Euro Stars - Unicorns Netherlands C, 2B, OF
Ryan Bosch Amsterdam Pirates Netherlands P, 3B, OF
Rosario Campisano Euro Stars Netherlands P, 2B, OF
BinQ Cashoek Kinheim Haarlem Netherlands P, C, SS
Jae Eich Diamonds amsterdam Netherlands C, 1B, SS
Tyrese Fraay Cardinals Netherlands P, 1B, OF
Koen Ghijsen Scimitars/HCAW Netherlands P, 2B, SS
Divayo Granger Neptunus Netherlands P, SS, OF
Anthony Hartingsveld Eurostars/unicorns Netherlands P, C, 2B
Cayro Hazel Kennemerland Rabbits Netherlands 2B, SS, OF
Mikey Herbold Neptunus Netherlands P, 2B, OF
Djevan Jansen Neptunus Netherlands P, 1B
Djediël Jansen Neptunus Netherlands C, 1B, 2B, 3B
Micha Kuipers Amsterdam Pirate Netherlands C, 1B, SS
Justin Laforge Phoenix (Mont Saint Guibert) Belgium C, 3B, OF
Dean maddox Moust Neptunus Netherlands P, 2B, 3B
Cyan Mulder Eurostars Netherlands P, C, SS
Rasheanno Nisia euro stars Netherlands P, C, 3B
Ruben Quist Eurostars Netherlands P, 1B, SS
Danyll Sky Redan Scimitars / hcaw Netherlands P, 2B, OF
Daan Ruelle Brasschaat Braves Belgium P, 2B, 3B
Hannah Tosun Storks Netherlands C, 2B
Elric Usé Drosers de Montendre France P, 3B, OF
Jeremy van den Breul UVV Netherlands P, 2B, SS, OF
Nino Van Uden Oosterhout Twins Netherlands P, 2B, SS
Lorenzo Willem Rabbits Aspiranten Netherlands 2B, 3B, SS