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The Battle at the Castle is a 12U and 14U summer league tournament based in Oosterhout the Netherlands.

The mission of the BATC Tournament is to provide a first-class 12U and 14U summer program dedicated to helping young athletes achieve their dreams of playing at the highest possible level. This aluminum bat tournament showcases some of the top talent in Europe while providing exciting entertainment for families and the Oosterhout community. The tournament is open for players from all over the world that share the passion for baseball and make new friends through the sport.

The league consists of four teams for the 12U tournament: Admirals, Bombers, Cavaliers and Falcons, and 4 teams for the 14U tournament: Chargers, Dragons, Emperors, Vikings. Each year the tournament organisation sets the team rosters from the list of registered players in april or may of the tournament year. Players typically play their regular season with their European clubs or with their local USSSA teams.

BATC Office

Paul Bun
Jan van Scorelstraat 66
The Netherlands
+31 6 11365348

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