Team huddle

Tournament setup

The BATC (Battle at the Castle) tournament wants to bring a grand week of baseball to the players in the tournament and their parents. It wants not only to be a great tournament of baseball heroics, but also a place to meet new baseball friends. Nothing beats playing around on a baseball field with your friends and get to play games every day. It will be a huge event with a true homerunderby, teamshirts with playernames, individual awards, lunches and dinners….everything to make a great and unforgettable summer experience for these young guys!

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 we hosted 12U tournaments and in 2015 we added a 14U woodbat tournament. Since that was a great success we will do that again in 2016.

The goal is to play both Battle at the Castle baseball tournaments with 4 teams that each has a 13 man roster. That means that the tournament needs 52 athletes per tournament to be selected out of the list of registered players. The tournament lasts 6 days and is inspired by the summer leagues in the United States where young baseball players play to work on their skills, play a lot of games and make new friends.

The 12U tournament will be played by four teams:

  • BATC Admirals
  • BATC Bombers
  • BATC Cavaliers
  • BATC Falcons

The 14U tournament will be played by four teams:

  • BATC Chargers
  • BATC Dragons
  • BATC Emperors
  • BATC Vikings

Every team has thirteen players that are selected from the list of players that have registered. The rosters of the teams are chosen by a selection commission that consists of the tournament management and the team coaches.

The competition is a single round robin (4 games) and a double elimination playoff round. The games itself will be played by Little League rules. The highlights of these rules are:

  • Pitching distance: 46 feet (14 meters)
  • 9″ ball
  • 6 innings game duration

The teams are managed by the best available youth coaches, to be named later.

Foundation “Stichting ontwikkeling jeugd honkbal in Zuidwest Nederland”

Through this tournament we want to stimulate the popularity of baseball for children in the south of The Netherlands. It is an initiative of “Stichting Ontwikkeling Jeugdhonkbal Zuidwest Nederland” (Foundation for Development of Youth Baseball in Southwest Netherlands) based in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. An other initiative of this foundation is the wood bat Collegiate Baseball League Europe that had its inaugural tournament in 2012 in Oosterhout. That tournament for 18-23 year olds will be held simultaniously with the Battle at the Castle tournament.

CBLE – the Collegiate Baseball League Europe

The Battle at the Castle is played simultaneously with the Collegiate Baseball League Europe (CBLE), a summer league tournament for players in the ages 18-23. The inaugural tournament was held in 2012 and was a great succes, and that is the reason that we wanted to add a tournament for players in the Little League ages.

For more information on the collegiate summerleague tournament (CBLE):

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