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Mission statement

A grand week of baseball. Playing ball everyday with your new friends, showing off your skills and sharing fun. Great ingredients for a memory to last a life. We acknowlegde the strength of baseball for kids, and that the power of the game can bring a lot of tools for them to use growing into young men. But we must not forget that life is more than baseball alone. Not every kid is blessed with a healthy body and soul, or is able to jump in a baseball uniform wherever and whenever he or she wants. The Battle at the Castle baseball tournament is all for the kids. For all kids that is. We want to reach out and help out less fortunate kids to be happier, healthier or more confident about themselves. That’s how we want to contribute and raise awareness on kids in trouble. There is still a lot to do for these young boys and girls. Let’s help them out, support BATC Charity!

In 2013 we supported Kika. The largest dutch fund raising resources to fight children’s cancer. And it was great to write a cheque worth EUR 2.500,– to help a little to find the cure. Every kid deserves wake up every morning wanting to live the day that is ahead of him. We hope that children’s cancer will be beaten in the future. We must never give up!

2014 Charity project – Stichting Pim

foto bewonersThe Battle at the Castle tournament is proud to announce that Stichting Pim will be our charity project for our 2014 tournament. Stichting Pim is a house away from home for kids with multiple handicaps, both mentally and physically. The house brings relief and comfort to families with disabled children, while providing care to the kids in a kid environment.

BATC Baseball embraces the vision of the founders and of all the parents of Stichting Pim, because this is what every kid deserves:

  1. Kids first
  2. Providing a safe and caring environment
  3. The best education possible
  4. Doing fun things with friends
  5. Be open for new friends and guests

Visit Stichting Pims website here: and see for yourself that helping Pim and his friends is worth our effort.

The kids at the Stichting Pim’s house are in need of a new mounting platform for their horse riding activity. The kids at Stichting Pim ride and care for horses as therapy. It has proven to be especially beneficial for kids physically, psychologically and educationally. That’s worth working for. Let’s try to help Stichting Pim with this mounting platform!