Team huddle

Home run derby

Homerun derby

During the tournament there will be a true homerun derby, with a brutal grand prize for the winner! It will be held on july 23rd at 17:00. Three players of each team can participate in the competition. Every player can participate in the qualification rounds on tuesday july 22nd.

Qualification regulations

After the tuesday games every player attends the team qualification round. The homerun derby manager is in charge of the qualification. Every players batspeed will be measured. Every player can take a maximum of three swings. The fastest swing counts. The three players with the fastest swings will represent their team at the Homerun derby on wednesday july 23rd.

Homerun derby regulations

  • Balls are fed via front toss
  • There will be three rounds of five outs
  • Homeruns hit in any round carry on in next rounds
  • Round 1: 8 players advance to round 2
  • Round 2: 4 players advance to final round
  • Final round: player with lowest homerun total starts final round. Player with most homeruns stands in the winner-circle.
  • If derby ends in a tie there will be a one on one tie breaker