270 applications in for BATC 2018: tough choices for the upcoming draft

The list of registrations is sent to the team managers for the 2018 draft! The last count revealed 270 kids from all of Europe wanting a spot on one of the 12 Battle at the Castle teams. Right now it is up to the team managers to prepare their wish lists for the draft to build their teams.

“Thats an awful lot of baseball energy coming our way.” Paul Bun looks forward to the biggest ever Battle at the Castle tournament coming up in the summer of ’18. Especially the U18 (100) and U15 (110) age groups are crowded with kids looking for a spot on a team to get their everyday baseball experience this summer. The U12 is stuffed too with 61 registrants, but in that category we do not have to disappoint too many players.

“It is great to see players back in the U18 group that have played in our first BATC tournament back in 2013 when there was only U12 to play in. Those kids transformed in grown men, some armed with 85 mph heaters. Almost unbelievable, but great to see they are still fond of the game of baseball. The 2018 edition has registrants from 14 countries, among those are the USA, Sweden, Germany, France, Belarus, Czech Republic, Spain and Great Britain. The reach of BATC is redefining itself, a small wonder if you ask me.”

“We are thinking about how to create evenly matched teams in each category and how to reach as high a baseball level as possible. One of the decisions made already is that the youngest years per age group will the least picked out of. Especially for the U18 and U15 tournaments, these kids have more years left to play at Battle at the Castle, so this was the one least painful decisions to make.”

The BATC Draft will be held at april 26th at 19:00.