360Sportsintelligence enters European baseball at Battle at the Castle baseball

In the search for a state of the art streaming video service, the Battle at the Castle tournament ran into 360 Sportsintelligence. We are proud to announce a partnership for Battle at the Castle 2018 which will see streaming video, game highlights and analytics on two fields during all 6 days of the greatest youth baseball tournament in Europe.

The young, fast growing, company started as a game analytics tool in field hockey in 2015. Besides recording and streaming the complete games, the smart software designed for this hypermodern system recognizes the position and movement of individual players. Plotting the paths of the players on TV Screens gives the coaches a unique game situation analysing tool. In 2017 the system rolled out to soccer as well. As of now, there are dozens of Dutch field hockey and soccer teams using the system. In 2018 the system will make its steps into baseball at Battle at the Castle baseball tournament.

There will be 2 camera’s on the U18 field and on Horbach Field where the U15/U12 games will be played. 15 minutes after each game there will be recaps available of the highlights of the games. The video’s are streamed live (vanuit 1 camerapositie), recaps are shown in the clubhouse as well as on the media channel of the tournament. In total of 6 in-screen places are available for advertising purposes (alleen in de geautomatiseerde samenvattingen, niet in livestream), a great tool to generate extra income for the tournament. On the video below, an impression is shown of a 1 camera view.

Paul Bun: “it is absolutely fantastic that 360Sportsintelligence teams up with us to showcase this powertool. It will be great featuring recaps of the games at a big screen in the clubhouse where our players can look at their great plays. Also great that we are one of the first in baseball to use the system. A great opportunity for all club delegates to come to Oosterhout and see what this system can do for their club. Not only great for making better teams through analysis, but it is big fun for the players, and gives clubs extra advertising options for their sponsors. And last but not least, it will bring more baseball footage into Europe to show more of this great game and increase its popularity. We are all in.”

Frank Maathuis, CEO of 360Sportsintelligence: “The Battle at the Castle tournament is a unique opportunity for 360SportsIntelligence to introduce our system and software to the national and international baseball community. It offers players, coaches, spectators and federations content that helps improving their game and show the world the game at its best. We thank the Battle at the Castle tournament for this opportunity to work together on digital media and content. Let’s make this years event one to never forget!”