Araya Lemaire: Cavalier business, allday, everyday again in 2020

Another soulkeeper of the Battle at the Castle tournament confirms, and in his own energetic style. “Cavalier business, allday everyday!” The perennial Cavaliers manager is entering his 7th tournament and is one of the most succesful managers in BATC history…..without winning a title. He has 37 BATC games under his belt, winning 23 of them. He has won big and emotional games, but in grand finals he is 0-4. And he is very poised on turning that around in 2020. His style will not change. Energetic, enthousiastic and loud. That is his and the Cavaliers game. And the kids: they love it.

In daily life Araya Lemaire runs a personal training business. At “Victorious training” he challenges his customer to take better care of their bodies and minds. A good nutrition, exercise and rest schedule will have a positive influence on peoples positivity and trust in their wellbeing. Apart from general personal training, Araya Lemaire specialises in physical and mental training for baseball as well. Since this season he accepted the invitation of the German baseball federation to co-coach their national U12 and U15 teams. Every 4-8 weeks he will be in Germany working with the talented German youth baseball teams. Despite his poor German language skills, he uses the language that everybody understands: baseball, and that he speaks fluently.

Paul Bun on working with Araya Lemaire: “Ever since our paths crossed in the Dutch youth leagues around 2012-2013, we have been in good communication with eachother. We basically have the same ideas about youth baseball: it must be fun, energetic and a personal growth environment for kids to do what they love. Our teams got along very well and were always challenging eachother to the max. One of my best memories is a semifinal game in the Dutch Little League championships (2015) where my Brabant team “Zuidwest Hurricanes” was pushing in a late game comeback with the winning run on 1st base and 2 outs. Our batter smoked a liner to left field, brought me into extacy, but the leftfielder of Victor’s Team Amsterdam made an incredible diving catch to shut down the game in an instant. He always seemed to better us in one way or another. And that is what I respect him very much for: showing his kids resilience and that there are always things that you can do to try to get things moving your way. A great character to have around at our tournament.”

For more information on personal training or specific baseball athletic programs, Victor Araya Lemaire can be contacted via