Jelle Bing plans big trip to RBI Baseball

2013 BATC Bombers´Jelle Bing embarks on a great adventure. During his upcoming spring holiday he will visit Round-Trip Baseball Institute of BATC Bombers manager Kenneth “KJ” Johnson. Not only to work on his skills as a player but also to get a feel about the baseball atmosphere in the USA. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kenneth commented on his Facebook page:

“Jelle Bing is confirmed to visit and train with us here in Atlanta from April 28 until May 12. This is a great time for Jelle to visit, because our Spring weather will be great and our team is scheduled to play in two weekend tournaments during the two weeks Jelle will be visiting. In addition to getting some one-on-one and group training with the RBI team, Jelle will have the opportunity to play in 7 – 10 tournament games during his visit. 

The Atlanta Braves regular season will also be started by the time Jelle visits. We will definitely spend a day hanging out with the RBI players and family members at a Braves game and possibly at one of their AAA minor league team’s games, the Gwinnett Braves.”

A big thank you goes out to Patrick and Danielle Bing for making this great baseball and life skills training opportunity possible.”

Jelle’s sister Nikita will also be part of the Bing family experience. KJ has arranged for some fastpitch softball activities and horsback riding tours.

The Battle at the Castle Tournament wishes Jelle and his family a great trip. We would love to hear about their adventure!