Lautenslager confirms: Back in 2020

The traditional offseason for baseball in general is a traditional busy period for the BATC Baseball backoffice team. We need to get our managers confirmed as soon as possible to give us the flexibility to search for new managers if we need to. Up till this moment there is only one who has attended all tournaments: Folkwin Lautenslager. And we are very happy to announce that he will lead the Admirals again in 2020, for his eigth tour already. As one of the faces of the tournament, Lautenslager has been very important to the development of the reputation of Battle at the Castle Baseball. A native from Breda, very close to Oosterhout, a very familiar face in the Noord Brabant baseball history, he represents one of the goals of BATC Baseball: showing the kids of Noord Brabant the joy of great baseball.

With already 26 BATC game wins under his belt, three tournament wins, he seems to know what to do to get his green machine on the good side of the score. He is a vivid baseball lover, great in handling kids and a specialist in getting a team to work. The thing he focusses on to teach his Admirals: “Show everyone you are having fun playing baseball” and trusts the process from there on. And he must have his little secret that won him the last three editions of Battle at the Castle Baseball.

The Admirals will be a tough competitor again thats for sure. Will they win games? Yes. Will they win another title? The Cavaliers, Bombers and Falcons think not. Let’s go 2020!