Little League Flanders acknowledges strenght of BATC Baseball

The Battle at the Castle Tournament and the Little League organisation of Flanders – Belgium – are proud to announce the allocation of 6 rosterspots for Flanders based players for the 2014 tournament.

BATC General Manager Paul Bun:
“This is obviously a great step forward for the international character of our tournament. Last year we had one Belgian player at out tournament who had a great time being challenged at a competitive baseball level while increasing his baseball skills, boasting his experience and building lasting friendships. Exactly what BATC Baseball is all about, showing the greatness of the sport and expanding it in Europe. Definately a plus for the tournament!”

LL Flanders General Manager Carina De Brauwer:

“I personally witnessed the 2013 edition of the Battle at the Castle tournament. The atmosphere and the level of play that the youngsters showed on, but also off the field, was fantastic. Nearly every game went down the line, bringing players into tense situations. Not only did is boast their baseball, I actually saw new friendships emerge between kids who had never met before. That’s why I am very pleased that for the 2014 BATC tournament we can have 6 roster spots to fill with the best available youngsters. In Flanders there is a lot of baseball enthousiasm and  talented players who would love tell their own BATC stories at home. It will be a great adventure and opportunity for our athletes!”