Lumberjacks logo unveiled: jackin’ wil be in style

A new masterpiece logo is here. Our logodesign department did a helluva job fixing another great style to be added to the Battle at the Castle team line up. This jersey will be a joy to play in for the new U18 category of players.

The Lumberjacks refer to the vast oakwoods around the Castle. There must have been a lot of lumberjacking around the castle ruin in ancient times, to be able to obtain wood for tables, benches, houses and other utilities of that time. The Lumberjacks represent the strong men with daring and fierce axe swings to bring down the tall trees. A nice fit for a local baseball team.

Jurjen van Zijl is the mastermind behind the creative design process. The tournament comes up with a name and a style and Jurjen sweeps that into the great logo’s and styles that the tournament needs. “We need great names and logo’s for the kids to feel great. Great because good looking teams play good, they feel good about themselves and it is great to have a unique symbol to gather around. This is another great one.” Paul Bun adds.

Jurjen van Zijl on the creative process: “It is basically a process of trial and error. I search for a font that suits the team name, create a symbol with it, and from there on it’s a shuffle. Creating and erasing, back and forth, until I am happy with the result. If I’m not happy, the customer is not happy.”

The Lumberjacks will be led by Kevin Healy in 2018, and based on their first seven picks in the draft: they are ready to jack.