Marcel Aerts will ride the Chargers again in 2019

The Battle at the Castle tournament is very happy to announce that Marcel Aerts is back on his post as the manager of the U15 Chargers. After skipping one year of BATC duties, the much loved manager could not resist picking up where he left off. In 2017 he lost a dramatic final against the Vikings, showing off the type of manager he wants to be: show the kids how to really have fun in a competitive team environment.

It is no secret that Aerts knows about the game. Having spent time in the Dutch Hoofdklasse as a tough sidearm hurler, he now is a member of the Oosterhout Twins coaching staff in that same Hoofdklasse. He is there because he is passionate about the game and not afraid to make tough choices when his call is needed. In past BATC tournaments, he has 3 tours under his belt, the buzz around his teams were filled with joy. And that is what he will do again in 2019. The Chargers are saddled up, Aerts in from screaming out “CHAAAAARGE”!

Welcome back Marcel.