“Not just defending the BATC title”: Lautenslager returns to BATC 2018 in Admiral green

One of the two most experienced Battle at the Castle managers inked his contract today to return to BATC 2018. Not just to return and defend the title, but to chase a new title. Folkwin Lautenslager (17-15 overall BATC record) likes the attacking style that he puts on his green teams. The Admirals style of baseball. Learning by experiencing and challenging the kids to think about their game describe his way of coaching. In 2017 it worked to the fullest and brought the BATC crown in dominant fashion to the Admirals for the first time in 5 years.

On being back in Oosterhout for a 6th consecutive time in Admiral green: “2018, 6th edition, new year, new players, new adventure. After establishing and solidifying #AdmiralsBaseball in the first 5 editions, it’s time to build on those experiences and explore this year’s possibilities. For me personally it’s been a whirlwind couple of years. After contemplating retirement after the 4th edition and then raising the championship trophy last year, I’m really excited and proud to be back at the helm of the BATC U12 Admirals. I can’t wait to see how this year’s player pool looks like and what the results of the Draft will be. I’m ready to go! #GoAdmirals #GreenMachine”.

Paul Bun on having Folkwin Lautenslager back: “It’s no doubt that coach Lautenslager ranks among the best youth coaches in The Netherlands. The dedication that he brings to his team, the search of ways to let his team grow and the ability to manage that process in a 6-day frying pan is a joy to see. He is an asset to his players, his staff, the kids parents and the tournament. And yes, great to have him and his BATC experience back in Oosterhout in 2018.”

Coach Folkwin Lautenslager is a Breda native and currently living in Den Haag.