Shurty Tremus re-enters BATC at the helm of the Emperors

One of the final positions to fill at Battle at the Castle baseball was the managing job at the Emperors U15 team. The tournament is delighted to announce Rotterdam native Shurty Tremus as the 2018 Emperors manager.

Tremus, experienced Dutch hoofdklasse player with Neptunus and De Glaskoning Twins, now combines playing in the Dutch overgangsklasse with Rotterdam Orioles with training youth at Neptunus. A true baseball addict, outspoken about his vision on baseball, has seen and done all at the top level in The Netherlands.

Foto: Henk Seppen

“We are obviously very happy to have Tremus back in our managers squad for the 2018 tournament. It is so important for the tournament to have managers and staffs on the teams that really can help the kids forward. Fun is an important key, but giving the kids a steep learning curve on playing the game, and playing everyday baseball, are very important ingredients to the experience we want our kids to have. Adding Tremus will help us do that. Undoubtedly one of the best youth coaches in the Netherlands.” Paul Bun adds.

Back in 2013 Tremus led the U12 Falcons to a third place, missing out on a spot in the final in a miraculus 14-13 loss to the later champions the Bombers.

The Emperors staff is completed with Jesse van Koeverden and Rob Staub. On paper a great coaching team with a lot of baseball and communication skills.

Shurty Tremus on joining BATC: “I am very curious about the ability of my team, most of the kids are new to me. What I do know is my way of playing the game; aggressively. Both in the battersbox and on the bases. I would like my team to grab every extra base possible, I like my teams to put pressure on our opponent. In the short time that we have with our team, we will teach them how to do this and what opportunities we take to get our game going. Bet you will see us progressing on that every day. And yes, I will accept outs at maybe the wrong times, but hey that’s the risk of the game we play and I will never stand them up for making an aggressive out. We go for it 100% and the results will come our way.
Play hard or go home!!!💪”