Titanic livery for the Titans

The Titans seem to be ready for the 2018 tournament with this great livery design. With already 10 colorschemes into the Battle at the Castle teams, every new design gets the challenge up one tick. We want every design to be unique, distinctive and a pleasure to wear for our athletes. If you are not comfortable wearing a team outfit, you will probably not play well! Feel good, be proud and get that fantastic team pride in and you will play great. Well, this one is another combo of colors and logo that hits the mark. Dark wine red and orange detail. They will be a unique presence at the battlegrounds this year.

The dictionary about Titans: “The noun titan comes from Greek mythology, in which the Titans were a race of gods. Today, a titan is someone who is god-like, or powerful and influential in a certain field.” In the summer of 2018, you will see the Titans of baseball. In Oosterhout, The Netherlands. And they will have fun playing ther game!

A big hand to our logo design department; Jurjen van Zijl, you are the greatest.