Tremus has his eyes on the future, ready for summer of BATC

The 2020 Emperors will have a familiair manager again. Shurty Tremus, who is all about baseball, will return to Oosterhout again. He has great memories of playing and managing in Oosterhout. Last years semi final for instance. That was the highlight of the Emperors performance of 2019. Tremus about it: “That game was a thriller to begin with. With everything on the line our guys were able to bring up the best in them and beat a very good Dragons team. Our starter Sem Nijman took us through 5 innings, pitching a helluva game. He struck out 9 in 5 innings and left Amarensio Franka to clean up a 4-1 lead which he did. We were aggresive on the basepaths, swiping 6 bags, what in my opinion brought us the game. But overall I think that game was one of the best I ever managed. Great baseball, tension all the way, like it should be. Because of that game we ran a little out of gas in the final, but for the Emperors sake, we already played our final in the semifinal. And that was a great experience for everybody.”

Shurty Tremus runs a privately backed baseball academy: Future Star. Based in Bergschenhoek, he puts a lot of energy in reaching as many baseball players as possible. And he has a way in succeeding. At the moment he runs 5 teams (U14, U16, 2xU17 and U18). Those teams will play international tournaments in Prague, Stuttgart, Brno and Haarlem. Future Star Academy furthermore organises clinics, personal training, group training for kids around the nation to share the love for the game and to let every kid walk away from their events with a big smile. Every week Tremus sees about 130 players joining his programs, beside the 90 kids that are in the travel teams. “Your way to the top!” is the tagline for the academy that has seen multiple players that Tremus worked with enter pro-ball or college baseball.

About Battle at the Castle 2020: “I expect energized kids again, thats for sure! Kids that want to learn so I can show them something new to them that they can take with them in their baseball lives. How to play with your heart is what I want to let them feel. And players with heart, that is what I like. Those are the kind of players who suddenly do things they didn’t know they were capable of. Really looking forward to that. BATC Baseball is a great platform where kids want to show what they can and we as managers only have to light the fire. And when that happens, the Emperors will race the bases full of spirit, heart and fun.”

When we ask Tremus about his big hairy dream: “To be the manager of the most beautiful organisation in the Major Leagues: The Atlanta Braves….. but a more realistic goal: I dream of one day be the manager of a Dutch national youth team. That would be something. But foremost I want to keep giving my kids the best baseball experience they can have, wherever that may be!”

Paul Bun about Shurty Tremus joining BATC Baseball again: ” I have known Shurty for a long time. Everytime he starts to talk baseball I see a twinkle in his eyes. He loves to play, he loves to compete, he loves to manage. He knows the game, the strategy, is full of energy and besides that he is a great guy to have around. A perfect fit for our tournament and I am very happy to have him again in 2020.”