U12: Admirals and Cavaliers win, semifinal is set

The Admirals took on the Falcons in the scorching heat today. The green machine ran away in the first two innings, scoring their 10 runs. From that moment on, the Falcons seemed to realize this was a game that they could win as well. They rallied, but running out of gas at 10-6. Mauricio Montengro was Admirals big man at the plate, going 3 for 3. Kyan Beer went 2 scoreless innings at the plate for the Admirals, striking out 4.

In the nightcap, the Cavaliers ousted the Bombers in a mercyrule win.The Bombers seem to get no breaks at all by their opponents. Coach Johnson stays positive and is on a mission: “first we need to do our things right before we can be disappointed”. There is growing potential in the team and he wants to let them shine. The Cavaliers look in strong form to contend for a grand final berth. Dassy, Boedhoe and Redan had a big game for the Cavaliers today. Tomorrow the Admirals will wait in the semi’s for a good old rumble.

Schedule for BATC day 5 – thursday july 25th

10:00 Cavaliers – Admirals (semifinal) {ESRI PARK}

12:30 Falcons – Bombers {ESRI PARK}

15:00 Back door game – could be delayed due to extra rest for hot weather {ESRI PARK}

Stats and scores, follow this link