Vollunteers Registration


For the sixth year in succession we will host the prestigious Battle at the Castle lnternational youth baseball tournament. A unique event which has no equal in Europe.
When we started in 2013 we had 58 players in the 12U category and in the meantime the BATC tournament has grown into an event with 3 full-blown tournaments with more than 170 players.
In the 6 years 452 different players from 17 countries had joint the BATC family which makes us very proud.

It’s clear that such an event can only be realized with the help of a large group of volunteers and also for this edition we are looking for people who'd like to be part of the BATC family.

We are looking for Announchers, Scorers (we will score with GameChanger) and people who want to operate the scoreboard.

Please fill out the form and join the BATC family

To ensure that you are able to watch the games of your child we would like to know in which team your child is playing.