Chargers added to BATC Tournament

The Battle at the Castle 12U baseball tournament announces a fifth team to play in the 2014 edition. With the registrations piling up to 54 in 6 weeks, there obviously was room for the first expansion team. The tournament is proud to present the Chargers! The team is named after the light, fast and strong medieval war horses that were used in epic fights around castles and on battlefields in Europe. A perfect fit to a tournament that is played in the shadow of the remains of a medieval castle: Castle Strijen, now known as the “Slotbosse Tower”.

The addition of the Chargers creates room for an another 14 talented players that can play the great game at one of the best 12U tournaments in Europe. 14 more new friends to be made at the diamond. We are working hard to expand internationally and we hope to bring more exciting news in the near future.

A 5 team tournament means more games at the great baseball facility in Oosterhout, a greater audience, more eager players and more volunteers! Join our list of fine volunteers. We are looking to add umpires, official scorers, announcers, catering help, custodians at a stay-over location, foster parents…you name it. Your help is very welcome. We can offer you a great week of youth baseball!