Team huddle

Who can play?

The organisation of the tournament aims high. We want bring the best 12U and 14U (12 and 14 years and under) players to the tournament. Therefore we ask for players who can push up the playing level of the tournament to make this truly the best 12U and 14U tournaments in Europe. It will be a great achievement and an outstanding personal experience for you as a young baseball player!

Eligible ages

Aluminium bat 12U tournament:

If you want to play in the 2017 12U tournament you cannot be born before May 1 of 2004. This age complies with the Little League rule. In other words: in the Little League age calculator for 2017 you cannot be 13 years old.

In contrast to the Little League rules there is no restriction for players younger than 11. So 10 year olds, and even younger players, can be selected to the tournament. Level of play is decisive.

Wood bat 14U tournament:

If you want to play in the 2017 14U tournament you must be born between May 1 of 2002 and 30 april 2004. In the Little League age calculator you cannot be 15 years or older and 12 years or younger!

Baseball Skills

If you want to register for the tournament it is recommended that you have experience in playing fundamentally solid baseball at a high level in your country. For example:

  • You play in the highest youth league in your country
  • You play for a baseball academy
  • You were selected to a Little League team that participated in the championship tournament of your country

If you don’t qualify in one of the above categories but you feel that you are a talented player and have a desire to play, feel free to register! There is always a chance to make it to a teams roster. But make sure you draw the attention of the coaches and the management of the tournament by sending in a good profile of yourself!

Click here for more information on how to register!