2016 Volunteers

We need committed volunteers!

Team up with us to create a great experience for our little athletes. It will be a rewarding week for you as a volunteer at our tournament. We have multiple positions to cover, so if you feel like a week of baseball, let us know at batcbaseball@gmail.com

List of registered volunteers:

First name Last name Role
Ralph Van Gool Head of baseball operations Oosterhout
Mathijs Vuister Editor in chief Castle Yard Chronicle
Cherine Kops Head of catering
Richard Van Baal First Aider
Ron Dijkmans Announcer
Nichon Van Riel Catering assistant
Kimberly Varga Photographer
Tjidsger Wierda Umpire
Trudy Poldervaart Clubhouse manager
Pascale Trompetter Official scorer
Astrid Putter Shop manager and clubhouse assistant
Max Hofer Groundskeeper
Meike Bun Shop assistant
Bert Huijben Consultant
Hjalmar Van Zalingen Sponsoring committee
Dick De Nijs Groundskeeper
Eric Beumer Photographer
Marcel Van Dorst Groundskeeper
Piet Van Gool Groundskeeper