Home run derby

Homerun derby

During the tournament there will be a true homerun derby, with a brutal grand prize for the winner! It will be held on the day before the finals at around 17:00. Two players of each team can participate in the competition. The participating players are nominated by their managers.

Homerun derby regulations

  • Balls are fed via front toss (U12) and BP pitchers (U15 and U18)
  • Round 1: 10 outs and 4 players advance to round 2
  • Homerun total of round 1 also count in round 2
  • Round 2: 5 outs and 2 players advance to the final round
  • Final round: Player with most home runs combined gets to say if he wants to hit first or second in the final round. Both participants start at 0 homeruns
  • Final round is 10 out round