How to register

Registration for 2020 is open from January 1st 2020!

Read this together with your parents! You need permission from your parents to participate!

Entry fee

Before you register you must know that there is an entry fee of € 190,– per player. For these costs we supply you with:

  • Team shirt with name and number of choice
  • Team cap
  • lunch and dinner at the park

The U15 and U18 wood bat tournament will come with a special wood bat package to supply you with your own customized BATC bat of the best quality available. More news on that is to follow.

Your parents can also have lunch and dinner at the park. There will be food and beverages available but at own cost.

If you register but you are not selected to the tournament then there will be no fee charged.


We really want you to register to play in the Battle at the Castle tournament. But you also have to know that there is a limit of players per tournament that can play. There is a chance that you will not be selected to play. That would be a disappointment for you, but we hope you stay positive, practice one more year and give it another shot next year!

The tournament management and the team coaches need as much information from you as possible. We want to know general information and information about your baseball skills. Please fill out the registration form and make sure we know everything that we need to know about you. Let your parents help you with your registration!

Your personal information will be treated confidentially. We will only publish your name, age, city, country, team and defensive positions on our website on the list of registrations!

IMPORTANT: How to show my baseball skills

How better can you present yourself than in a video that can be watched by the coaches. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Let your mum or dad shoot a video with their phones, edit it with a video editor to one movie (like windows movie maker) and upload it to Youtube. Add the URL of your movie in the textbox of the registration form. You also can send it by email to!

We would like to receive a video that consists of a series of five live swings and five fielded balls with throw from shortstop to first base. Below you will see some great examples of portfolio movies.
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 Follow this link to go to the registration form!