15U BATC Registration update

The tournament management announces a registration stop for Dutch 15U players.

Since the opening of the registration for our inaugural 15U woodbat tournament on january 1st 2015, we have been overwhelmed with eager kids who want to participate in this great event. In little over 3 weeks the number of registrations raced to 76. We saw 60 Dutch, 8 Belgian, 5 French and 2 German registrants. With only 52 roster spots to fill, the baseball level will be challenging. On the other hand, some players will encounter a dissappointment because they will not be selected into one of the teams free task management.

Tournament manager Bart van Gils comments: “The reason why there will be a registration stop for Dutch 15U players is that we feel there is already a good number of dutch talent to play a competitive tournament. To emphasize the international character of the tournament and to further enhance the level of play we remain open for international players until march 1st 2015. But until now, it is great to see the enthousiasm of the Dutch youth baseball community.”

Bart van Gils continues: “One of the important selection criterias is the ability of the individual player. Since there are difficult choices to make it is very important that each player files a personal video to showcase their hitting, fielding and if they are a pitcher, their pitching skills. Without this information we cannot make the right decisions.”

Apart from technical ability there will be more criteria in place to meet tournament goals like enhancing the baseball level in the South of the Netherlands, and to reward BATC Alumi for their participation in earlier years. More on these criteria will be communicated before the draft that will take place before april 1st of 2015.