Big man Sven Hendrickx commits to BATC Dragons for 2016 tournament

The Battle at the Castle tournament is delighted to announce that Sven Hendrickx will be the manager of the BATC Dragons for the 2016 tournament. Sven Hendrickx is the current manager of the Belgian National team and has a terrific baseball resume that guarantees a great learning experience for all members of team Dragons.

Hendrickx, who played 100 international games for Team Belgium, took the position of national team coach in 2009 and has a vast experience in coaching youth teams. Besides his work for the national team he is the head coach of Flanders West Little League team and an instructor for the Flanders baseball academy.

Wilco Heessels, the manager of the enthousiastic baseball initiative of Brabant United and coach at Roef! Moergestel, will be added to the Dragons staff. In 2015 Heessels represented the BATC Vikings as a coach and is happy to swap teams for working with Hendrickx this summer This Site. The Dragons seem to be in a good position to explore their potential with this staff.

Paul Bun, general manager of BATC Baseball, on the signinpasfoto-sveng of Hendrickx: “Well, there is no doubt that a manager like Sven has a lot to offer to the kids at our tournamen. A fantastic international baseball career, a love for the game that is unprecedented and skills to handle elite youth players. If there is anybody capable of taking his players one level up, it must be him. A great addition to our tournament.”

Sven Hendrickx adds: “I am very happy to know that I am welcome at this great event to be able to work with talented players. The Battle at the Castle tournament brings out the best in all of the participants and that makes me excited. I am really looking forward to experience the baseball atmosphere and the BATC feeling that I hear of a lot. We will have fun!”

Sven is married to Gwendy and together they have two sons, Zane and Ty. They live in Hoboken, Belgium.