Draft day is set, april 24 and april 25 2019

With every day that passes, the Battle at the Castle of 2019 will come closer. After the opening of the registration period, draft day will be a second landmark of the progress to the first pitch of the tournament. The tournament management set the date of draft day on april 24th (for the U12 and U15) and 25th (U18). On these days the team managers will pick the first 7 players to their teams. A total of 84 roster spots will be taken. After draft day, the tournament management will fill the rosters based on the amount of position players needed in the teams. The tournament management holds 2 wildcards per team to uphold the goals of the tournament, for example to stimulate baseball in the south of the Netherlands. The other available roster spots will be filled based on the draft lists that the managers send in.

As there are many more registrations than available roster spots, we cannot make every player happy this year. It is advised to submit a good recruitment video and resume of your accomplishments to increase your chances to be picked into one of the teams. The level of play will be very competitive again in 2019!

As we did last year, the youngest yeargroup for every tournament will be the least picked from. So for the birthyears 2003, 2006 and 2009 and younger it will be a challenge to be chosen in one of the teams. It is not impossible, send in a good video of yourself, but these players still have multiple chances to play in coming years.

The closing date for recruitment video’s is april 10th 2019. This to give the managers the time to watch and analyse the video’s of all players.