Jose Baez ready to take his position: Manager at BATC 2018

Jose Baez is the newest Battle at the Castle Baseball tournament team manager. The Dominican Republic native will take the helm of one of the BATC U18 teams for the 2018 edition of BATC Baseball. The tournament is very happy to deal with Jose for 2018.

As a youngster, Jose played in the Dominican Prospect league until the age of 16. After that he moved to The Netherlands to play for UVV, HCAW and Almere until his playing days were over at age 35. From that time on he made the transition to coaching. From youth to seniors in the Dutch Major League, Jose Baez is as fond of baseball as you can get. His experience already took him to Munich Haar Disciples, Scimitars Baseball Academy and UVV. For season 2018 he joins the ranks of De Glaskoning Twins as the 3rd base coach and hitting coach.

Paul Bun adds: “Well, it is a good thing for Dutch Baseball that we have ambitious coaches like Jose Baez wanting to bring their experience to youth. Under 18 baseball is a great fit for him and when the word was out about BATC U18, Jose was one of the first to apply for a position. We are very happy to have Jose at our tournament, he brings a lot of dedication with him to share with his players.”

Jose will partner up with a former BATC Emperors U15 manager: John Debbaut. Together they seem a competitive duo with a lot of baseball experience to add to BATC U18.

The name of the team Jose Baez will manage will be disclosed later.