MaxBat to intensify cooperation with BATC Baseball

Oosterhout, NL – Brooten Minnesota, USA | MaxBat will be increasing it’s partnership with the premier 12U and 14U baseball tournament in Europe coming the 2016 season. The award winning baseball tournament is a great showcase for Europe’s most talented players and it presents a unique opportunity for MaxBat to introduce the feel of their elite wooden bats to the new generation of European baseball stars. Together with Europe’s new MaxBat distributor Score66 Baseball, the MVP of the 2016 14U BATC Baseball tournament will be awarded an exclusive MaxBat contract to help support their (pro?) baseball career.

BATC Baseball owner Paul Bun comments: ” Obviously we are delighted with our tournament drawing the increased interest from such a great baseball brand like MaxBat. It gives our tournament a boost and helps us to improve on the North American baseball atmosphere we want to create for our players. It must be a never to forget experience in their young baseball lives, and MaxBat sure helps us with being the best they can get in summer baseball.”

Jason Speidel, MaxBat sales and marketing director adds: “It is such a great opportunity for us to be involved in the development of European baseball through the Battle at the Castle tournament in the Netherlands. Together with our European distributor Score66 Baseball we are looking forward to be a part of the great experience for the kids. And ofcourse we hope to see Europe’s best players to make the jump to the USA to chase their dreams to play professionally, maybe even in the Major Leagues. If we may have just a little contribution that would be great.”

Registration for the 2016 BATC Baseball tournament will open on january 1st of 2016. Preparations for the 4th edition of our award winning tournament are underway and we are looking forward to creating many more baseball memories and new baseball friends. More information on BATC Baseball is found at

About MaxBat: 

LOGO-MaxbatMaxBat is dedicated to the great game of baseball and the millions who play it. Our vision is to produce professional grade wood bats from a superior Rock Maple, Yellow Birch and Northern White Ash selection that has remarkable strength, and durability. The meticulous craftsmanship and engineering produces wood bats with great balance, tremendous power, and outstanding feel. Wood baseball bats from MaxBat are the hardest bats in the game. MaxBat is one of the most popular wood bats in professional, amateur and youth baseball worldwide. We do not compromise on wood quality, finish quality, or on service. Only the best wood, with the best grain, can become a MaxBat. While most bat companies offer a limited number of models and colors, we offer a wide variety of both. If we don’t have the exact model you are looking for, just ask and we will make a new model to your specifications with a 6 bat minimum order. Visit the website for more information.

About Score66 Baseball:

Score66 Baseball is the new official distributor for MaxBats in Europe. A true baseball shop, established in 2016, that will provide Europe with elite baseball equipment from the big baseball markets. The mission of Score66 Baseball is to utilize the profits to invest in the development of youth baseball in Europe. Buying at Score66 is for the customers a way to get their hands on great equipment while supporting the great sport in Europe. The new webshop will open in the course of 2016.

Follow them at and make your bat orders for the 2016 season at this online orderform:

About BATC Baseball:

BATC Logo NieuwThe BATC (Battle at the Castle) tournament wants to bring a grand week of youth baseball to the players in the tournament and their parents. It wants not only to be a great tournament of baseball heroics, but also a place to meet new baseball friends. Nothing beats playing around on a baseball field with your friends and get to play games every day. It is a huge event with a true homerun derby, teamshirts with playernames, individual awards, lunches and dinners at the park….everything to make a great and unforgettable summer experience for these young guys. 2016 will see another 12U and 14U tournament in Oosterhout, NL. More information on