Registration 12U and 15U BATC Tournaments open!

And we are off! A great start for the new year. Baseball players all around the world are preparing for and looking out to opening day. Although we have to wait until july 19th to open our tournament, we must start to prepare ourselves. We are looking forward to another challenging 2015 tournament as we expand to hosting eight teams over two tournaments. Together with our CBLE and BATC Softball friends we will see some 240 young baseball athletes invading our baseball city: Oosterhout, The Netherlands. What a great sight would it be, all players in one picture enjoying the greatest game in the world. So check out the Battle at the Castle website if you are born after may 1 of 1999 and register for our 15U or 12U tournament.

The Collegiate Baseball League Europe (International players 16 – 23 years old) and Battle at the Castle Softball (15U) are also open for registration. Check their websites for specific information!

Let’s make 2015 a grand baseball year. We are looking forward to meeting you at our great ballpark!