Building the game of baseball

One of the important goals of our tournament is to increase the populairity of youth baseball in the Netherlands. It is our belief that this can be done by showing the game at its best, played by the best players in a great athmosphere. Not only will it bring excitement and intensity to the games and thus creating a buzz in the baseball communities, but it also creates talk in the classrooms with the non baseball playing kids. It is of great importance to capture the games in photo and video, as much as possible.

Therefore we have made a bold move. The tournament has committed itself to producing a spectaculair movie that must capture the energy, tension, excitement and greatness of the game for kids. We have searched and found a young but professional team of creative and enthousiast film makers. We talked about our goals and yes, we made a deal! The final games of the tournament will be covered with 4 professional highspeed HD camera’s a walk-around camera and GroPro action cams. The footage will be professionally edited to a spectaculair promotion film that we want to broadcast in every elementary classroom in Europe. We are extremely excited about this project and dedicated to make it a grand succes!

Our partner for this project is Stream my Event out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Thom van de Veen, the CEO of Stream my Event, expressed his interest in this project and will bring all his creative resources to the Battle at the Castle to capture the unique atmosphere brought by the players and the audience at the games. We thank Tom and his team in advance for their investment in the tournament and to help us live up to our mission to get more kids in a baseball uniform. Thats what the game deserves.

The tournament is going to need every resource to back this project financially. Every team jersey, hoodie, hat and T-shirt bought in our (online) shop helps to build the budget needed for this project. Ìf you want to support us: get the BATC store running! We also have a couple of slots for sale for corporate logo’s in the production. So if you want to support baseball and your company has a little bit of marketing budget left, email us at We will work things out. Thank you people for helping out!

About Stream my Event:

Stream My Event is a next generation broadcaster that provides live streaming and on-demand video services for every type of event. We combine the latest technology with the most skilled and innovative crews to provide you with high quality, affordable solutions for engaging a wider audience with your event.

Key Activities:

  • Live streaming of event or uploading video of event immediately after to YouTube, Vimeo or a third party on-demand service
  • Event filming with one or multiple HD cameras and other digital inputs such as projectors
  • Producing an overall video of the event that captures the atmosphere in a professional edit
  • Multi-camera interviews filmed on-site at your event

For more information contact Thom van der Veen:

Previous work:

RML Moodfilm SME from Rainmaking Loft on Vimeo.

Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Spring Classic 2013 – Skate Highlights from Vans Europe on Vimeo.