MaxBat powers the Battle at the Castle 15U woodbat tournament

One of Europe’s premium baseball tournaments, the Battle at the Castle, will celebrate its inaugural 15U woodbat tournament in style with MaxBat, Inc. supplying the tournament premium bats for the forthcoming 2015

The partnership with MaxBat Europe for 2015 underlines the growing impact of the Battle at the Castle baseball tournament in the European youth tournaments calendar.

Announcing the new arrangement, tournament director, Paul Bun, said he was delighted that MaxBat Europe wanted to team up with the event to showcase the very best of wooden baseball bats that the market has to offer. “MaxBat is without a doubt one of the greatest baseball brands worldwide and we are very proud that they connect with our tournament to let our kids experience the feel of a world class bat.”

As part of the agreement MaxBat Europe is going to provide a special discounted price for bat orders for Battle at the Castle participants. This will allow the future wood bat hitters of Europe to get comfortable with the wood bats at a young age. David Tuizer, MaxBat Europe director comments: “The eariler kids start to swing wood, the greater the advantage they will have through increased strength, improved hitting mechanics, and hand eye coordination. The reality is kids love swinging wood and putting top of the line big league wood in their hands will add a lot of excitement.”

Bart van Gils, the 15U tournament manager adds: “This is a great partnership for the tournament and reflects its desire to be premium brands that are committed to grow the game of baseball on both the national and international stage.”

The 2015 program with the 12U and 15U tournament will prove that the Battle at the Castle is the place to be not only for youth baseball lovers but also for those who seek a great baseball atmosphere with quality games during the six-day event from 19-24 July.

About MaxBat:

MaxBat, Inc. is dedicated to the great game of baseball and the millions who play it. Our vision is to produce professional grade wood bats from a superior Rock Maple, Yellow Birch and Northern White Ash selection that has remarkable strength, and durability. The meticulous craftsmanship and engineering produces wood bats with great balance, tremendous power, and outstanding feel.

Wood baseball bats from MaxBat are the hardest bats in the game. MaxBat is one of the most popular wood bats in professional, amateur and youth baseball worldwide. We do not compromise on wood quality, finish quality, or on service. Only the best wood, with the best grain, can become a MaxBat.

MaxBat Europe is the exclusive distributor of MaxBats and MaxBat products in Europe. European orders before february 15th 2015 will be shipped into Europe before the start of the new season.

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About Battle at the Castle Baseball:

The Battle at the Castle Baseball tournament is the premier 12U and 15U baseball tournament of Europe. In the 2015 tournament 104 elite youth players from 7 countries will be drafted into 4 12U and 15U teams that will play each other in the tournament. The 2015 tournament promises to show the best European youth baseball players under the guidance of the best managers and coaches available.

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